October 2015 Library Displays

In October, I had two Major Idea displays (see the August 2015 Library Displays post to learn more about what this is), one about math and another about English, which focused on fairy tales as a theme to explore literature studies.



October 15th was also the end of Hispanic Heritage Month. See the September 2015 Library Displays post about it here..

I also put together a quick display for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which included directions for conducting a breast self-exam in both English and Spanish. I snagged up the instructions during an event our campus had last year that had booths from the community, including the local health center.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

One of our part-time evening librarians put together our Halloween display this year, for which I am very grateful. Here’s the online flyer I made for her display. Since I have more people to rely on in the library and now know what can be delegated, it’s been fun to see others’ creativity.


October is always the beginning of research paper season around here, so it’s been busy! I’ll have to share more about that soon.

4 thoughts on “October 2015 Library Displays

    • Thanks! I re-did all of our signage for simplicity last year during the summer/fall of 2014. I started full-time in the fall of 2013 and had to change the signs slowly because our library media tech had been working at the library for over 25 years, and they had only had a full-time librarian since the fall of 2011 (she retired this past May). I threw away a ton of signs. Almost all of the “semi-permanent” signs left are the same–lemon yellow, Arial (bold), and oriented flush-left. I just use Publisher since they are simple. They are super cheap to print because we it’s just black ink. My rule is that nothing can be too elaborate–all of my time is at the reference desk, but I’m the only librarian on duty 8-4:30, so I do it all from that point and have to maximize my time.

      The Major Idea displays are a series I started this year highlighting majors offered by the college. You can’t see from the pictures, but I also have the academic and career counselors information available, along with the print catalog. The counselors also have my information to give to students. It’s a nice partnership. 🙂

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